Artificial Grass Adelaide Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best

Are you looking to buy artificial grass? You might get overwhelmed by the number of options available out there. This guide will help narrow down your options.

There is no question that artificial grass has become a popular choice for many homeowners. It looks great, it’s easy to maintain, and you never have to worry about mowing the lawn again! But there are so many different options out there. So, how do I pick the best one? Of course, the simplest option is to head over to for the best selections of synthetic turf available. But, we want you to have the best option possible.

In this buying guide, we will look at some of the factors you should consider before deciding which synthetic lawn is right for you.

The Purpose

First thing’s first, you need to determine what the artificial grass Adelaide will be used for. If you want to go green and save water, maybe a grass patch in your garden would suffice. However, if you’re interested in creating an entire lawn or putting the artificial turf on top of concrete, it will need more padding (sub-base).

Tire Crumb vs Padding

This is one of the biggest differences between different artificial grass suppliers. Some artificial lawns come with a sub-base, essentially the synthetic material that provides cushioning between your ground and the turf. But, most people just want to lay it on top of their concrete without worrying about additional costs.

The Thickness & Material Type

Another factor you need to consider is the thickness of your artificial grass. The two most common types are nylon and polyethylene, which both come in a variety of grades.

While quality can vary from brand to brand, you must select an artificial lawn with UV protection, so it doesn’t fade over time. In addition, some manufacturers offer warranties on their artificial grass, which can give you some peace of mind.

The Cost

Yes, price is a factor for almost everything but don’t just look at the cost upfront. Instead, look at what it will be used for and how much time/water savings you could save over time with an artificial lawn. You should also consider the cost of maintaining the artificial grass regularly.

You might find it cheaper to buy a synthetic lawn in Adelaide than in Sydney, but keep in mind that shipping costs will also need to be factored into your budget. If you want something more advanced or customised than most suppliers’ offers, then prices can be higher.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

We already mentioned many factors to consider, but if you’ve done your research and still can’t decide between different artificial grass Adelaide suppliers, here is some more information on why people choose synthetic turf over the real thing.

  • No weeds or bugs (unless it’s from a different supplier)
  • No lawn mowing required
  • Save time and money on watering the grass regularly. In many parts of Australia, water restrictions can be an issue during the summer months (especially if you live in Adelaide). It’s also expensive to set up sprinklers for your yard. Artificial turf does not need these things.
  • No more muddy paws, no need for doggy shoes
  • Dyeing the grass green is not required because it already comes that way! This can also reduce chemical usage in your garden, which is good news for Mother Earth.


In the end, there are a lot of different factors to consider when buying artificial grass. However, we hope this guide has been helpful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help! Visit now for more information.