News Roundup: OAN’s fake news; trans rights; moving Nevada to first-in-the-nation status

In the news today: Employees of conspiracy network OAN dish to The New York Times. The primary calendar fights continue. And Texas Republicans get an earful.

Here’s some of what you might have missed:

Dems advance bill to make diverse Nevada the first presidential primary instead of whiter states

Brave trans girl scolds ‘bullying’ Texas legislators who want to make her life harder

Even Pat Robertson—yes, Pat Robertson!—comes down on the side of police reform

A New York Times report suggests OAN knew its election claims were false when it made them

From the community:

Ryan Cooper: “unproductive firms would not be able to stay afloat by underpaying their workers.”

Federal judge warns that Trump could be in yuuuuuge legal trouble

Update from the front: COVID-19 still kills